Episode 12: Worldbuilding Jam Session

The Dynamic DM Duo chat about the new Matt Colville Kickstarter, “Strongholds and Followers” (2:23).  Then, on the main meat of the convo, how to start thinking about worldbuilding for an RPG (5:25).    Worldbuilding is hella important, even if you run a pre-written module or use a published campaign setting!

If you don’t want to go into the deep end of homebrewery, your options (at least in 5e D&D) are limited to Forgotten Realms (10:00).  Matt and Rob talk about why you might want to get beyond this campaign world and some of the other less obvious options that are available to you as a DM or player!

Then, Matt and Rob talk about how to get started on your own homebrew campaign setting for your players (16:10).  Your DMs of None are in the same place as you are!  Listen to Matt and Rob begin to flesh out their new worlds and worldbuild right alongside you.