The Celestial Job

The Celestial Job is a planar adventure for a party of 3rd level characters and can be played in approximately four hours. The adventure takes players from their home world to the city of Sigil and across the multiverse, entangling them in the politics of the Outer Planes!

The players are asked by an agent of the Lady of Pain to steal a particular item from Mount Celestia. The item, a golden lotus flower, contains the soul of an enlightened mortal sage who discovered the interconnectedness and secret passages among the planes.

Along the way, the PCs entertain two other offers for the soul lotus, one from the devils of hell and another from the demons of the abyss. After confronting the lotus’ guardians the players must decide whether to return the lotus to the agent of the Lady of Pain, to give the lotus to the demons or the devils, or even to keep the lotus for themselves.

This one-shot D&D adventure was written by DM Rob and DM Matt of Dungeon Master of None. You can listen to us create and revise the adventure on the podcast. If you have time, let us know how it goes. Check out our show for more cool RPG stuff!

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