The Advanced Artificer

Forge a new path with the Advanced Artificer!

The Advanced Artificer is your resource for customizing and expanding the brand new artificer class. Perfect for DMs and players of Eberron campaigns but useful for anyone who uses this class.

What is inside:

  • 4 Alternate Homunculi: the Arbalester, Docent, Iron Defender, and Shadowself

  • 2 New Artificer Specializations: the Arcanist, a master of deep rules of magic items, and the Warsmith, an artificer for the frontlines

  • The Siege Staff and Alchemical Creations: alternate specialization abilities for the Alchemist and the Artillerist, perfect for players who don’t want a pet

  • 10 new Artificer Infusions: including the Battlefist, Ray Shield, and Reloading Weapon

  • 10 new Artificer Spells: including Animate Tools, Replicate Spell, and Merrix’s Faithful Luggage

Help us expand this supplement! If the Advanced Artificer makes Silver Bestseller we will add two new specializations: the Renegade Maker and the Eldritch Inventor as well as more infusions and spells for free! The authors will update these options as future changes to the UA Artificer are implemented.

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