Episode 7: Unwanted Advice I

You’ve got D&D problems?  We’ve got D&D answers.  Dungeon Masters Rob and Matt are here to answer common tabletop questions and solve those sticky RPG situations that you have gotten yourself into.


(2:00) Problem Player in Poughkeepsie asks, “How do you deal with players who wander off on their own?  How do you recover when you make a rules mistake?”

(9:44) Forever DM asks, “I’m always the DM.  Is it okay for me to insert a Dungeon Master run Player Character (DMPC) into my party?”

(16:07) Weakling Woes asks, “Can a player keep trying a failed Strength roll until she succeeds?”  Oh boy, we get real deep on this one.  

(26:08) Gauntlet Guy or Gal asks, “How do I hook my players into my first story?”  
After some confusion about the multiple meanings of the world “gauntlet,” we say, “Por que no los dos?!”