Ep 85: DM Tips from Dungeon World

As part of our quest to steal advice from every RPG ever published, DMs Rob and Matt discuss Dungeon World by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel. Dungeon World has a great description of how RPGs work and some excellent tips you can use in games run in any system.

Stay tuned for the mailbag and the return of "Real or Woe!"  



Jason asks: "Can I get a preview copy of the Actual Prep adventure?"

Nick asks: "How can I role-play a Kenku without being annoying?"

Vic asks: "Here are some logical rules for different spell-casting stats for the various Warlock patrons. Also, should I remove the ability score requirements for multi-classing?" 

Douglas asks: "What advice do you have for running a one-on-one play?" 



Dungeon World

The Dungeon World SRD



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Ep 83: Worldbuilding - Technology

Technology. What is it? Dungeon Masters Rob and Matt discuss how to think about and deploy technology in your own campaign worlds. Then, it's the firearms debate to end all firearms debates. 



Gerard writes - "Are the DMoNs fans of Baldur's Gate?"

John writes - "Here's a great way to present the confusing one-spell-a-round rule to new players!"  

Don't forget to call in to the DUNGEON MASTER HOTLINE: (774) 203-4629!



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Ep 82: Anyone Can DM

DMs Matt and Rob discuss the basics of what a Dungeon Master is and what a Dungeon Master does. Today, we review the DM advice presented in the 5e D&D Essentials Kit. But first, a game of "Weal or Woe," in which, Rob has to guess whether the RPG product is real or fake! 

Matt and Rob discuss the roles presented in the Essentials Kit: referee, storyteller, and role-player. They break down the core mechanics and goals of any Dungeon Master.
Conclusion: Anyone can DM!



Dalton asks: "Do I need a wizard in my party?"

Adam writes: "Aren't there times when it is good to hide your DM dice rolls?" 

Alexander writes: "Where are my half-feats?"



Matt's Homebrew Half-Feat Rules



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Ep 81: Dungeon Master Book Club - Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Welcome to our first Dungeon Master Book Club! DMs Matt and Rob discuss Marlon James' Black Leopard, Red Wolf. Listen in for some great inspirational storytelling and ideas for monsters, NPCs, and fantastical magic!



Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James



Dan writes: You forgot about Earthsea's sexual peaches!

Michael writes: I love the Genesys system. Do you have tips for running with only two players?



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Ep 80: Greyhawk!

Special guest Andy is back to talk about the first Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting: Greyhawk!

We delve into the history of Greyhawk's design, discuss what makes Oerth unique, and share our favorite things for you to pilfer from Flanaess for your own campaign worlds. 



Anna B. Meyer's Greyhawk Cartography

Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil by Monte Cook 

David Howery's adventures in Dungeon Magazine #15, #22, #30, and #32

DA Series of Adventures



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Episode 74: Monster Mash 2

DMs Matt and Rob whip up some new monsters for you to steal for your campaign. 

  • The Rokrubai, fey with a detachable heads

  • Arcanomorphs, an Aliens inspired soul-stealing aberration

  • The Fisherman's Whale, a big friendly magical Cetacean 

Monster Homebrew Link



The Celestial Job 

The Advanced Artificer

The Hangover by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Owen Gieni

Matt's Psimple Psionics



Michael has put together a less problematic character creation schema: Ancestry, Upbringing, Background. We love it!

Dalton asks about simplifying Psionics and the Mystic. Matt offers his own homebrew. 



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Ep: 73: Game Master of Thrones

DMs Matt and Rob discuss the ending of Game of Thrones and what to steal (and what not to steal) for your RPG inspiration file. The maesters did King's Landing 9/11.

Whew, glad that's done. How about a nice game of cyvasse?

SPOILER WARNING for Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire start at 06:00. 


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Ep 71: The Art of War and Role-Playing Games

Dungeon Masters Matt and Rob discuss how to use war in your adventures. Rob rants about the importance of a Cure Dysentery spell. Plus, the answers to some of your letters!



The Pursuit of Power, William H. McNeill

Forever War, Joe Haldeman

The Forever War, Dexter Filkins 



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Ep 70: DM Tips 203

DM Rob gives some Dungeon Mastering tips as he reflects on the end of his three-year-long Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Take what Rob has learned and apply it to your game! And as the poet said, "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

Planning throughout the campaign [05:00]

Building party cohesion [13:00]

Dealing with indecision [18:00]

Matt's 3 Tiers of Intra-Party Talk [22:15]

Teaching new players and helping them grow [36:40] 

Concluding a campaign [41:15]

Adding an epilogue [50:00]



The Advanced Artificer on the DMsGuild 



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Semisonic - Closing Time

Ep 69: Worldbuilding Plot Hooks

Nice! Are elves tall? The definition of "Matt's Law of Forgotten RP Servers." Do you allow or encourage romantic and sexy situations in your game? 

Your DMs of None discuss building plot hooks big and small into your campaign settings. 



The X-Card by John Stavropoulos

The Advanced Artificer on the DMs Guild 



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Ep 68: The DMs Guild Grind with Alex Clippinger

Special guest Dungeon Master Alex Clippinger is here with wise words and sage advice for all aspiring DMs.

Ever thought about publishing that adventure, monster, or magic item on the Dungeon Masters Guild? This is the episode for you! 

Check out Alex's cool RPG stuff over at the DMsGuild!

And follow Alex on Twitter!


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BONUS: We Made a Thing

DMs Rob and Matt have completed their first (self-) published Dungeons and Dragons book: The Advanced Artificer. Your DMs of None discuss the process of designing and publishing the thing for the Dungeon Masters Guild in the hopes that our conversation will inspire you to publish that thing you've always been meaning to finish. 

Meanwhile, why don't you buy our book? It is only two bucks, has a story by Rob, and even has a cute magical robot dog! Leave us a review, comment, and some stars too! Here's the link:

The Advanced Artificer on the Dungeon Masters Guild


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Visigoth - Dungeon Master